The accommodation was so clean and well equipped. We did not use the pub so cannot comment on this. A lovely walk to the beach Tom was excellent with reply to my email about the key code. When guests stay at the property, they check out how quiet the room is, how friendly the staff is, and more. This property is a 4-minute walk from the beach.

This fantastic value skiing destination in Bulgaria has been growing in popularity over the last few years, yet still remains extremely affordable. For example, my chalet rooms including dinners, breakfasts, transfers and drinks withSnomadsusually goes for about £300 a week, and lesson and lift-passes are much cheaper than the likes of Italy or France. All this makes it an ideal first Ski destination, or for a mates holiday where people are at varying levels, as they really are geared up with all types of slopes. Be sure tovisit Beamish Museum, a living museum which I ended up spending a full day in, it was that good! Imagine a museum meets theme park vibe, where everything is fully interactive, and you can discover the history of England from the 1800s onwards.

You can only imagine how soldiers stationed here must have felt in the hot scorching summer sun. Walk behind the battery walls, and you will find the mortar guns used to protect the fort. While in Deer Isle, stay at the Inn on the Harbor, or, for a unique experience on a budget, the Deer Isle Hostel. 4 BR/3 Bath beachfront house with screened porch and multiple balconies. Host supplies beach chairs, umbrellas, inflatable rafts, and other equipment. After spending several hours in the park, I also suggest checking out the nearby Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area, which is free entry and home to a native population of this desert reptile.

Medora is a small town in the southwestern corner of North Dakota, near the border of Montana. It is located right at the entrance ofTheodore Roosevelt National Park, making it the perfect home base for visiting North Dakota’s only national park. This national park and the charming western town of Medora are one of the best secluded vacation spots in the U.S.

While most online discussion around this medieval city is on the Casa Colgados, the hanging houses which seem to dangle off the side of the rock, the whole old city is magical and deserving of its UNESCO world heritage status. Located in theLombardia region of Italy, it’s easiest accessed by car, although train connections from Verona, Venice and Milan can bring you here. Its best calling is the art and architecture that bring so many of us to Italy’s most famous cities, and here there is an abundance. The Hague can be quickly reached by train from Amsterdam airport. Rotterdam/The Hague airport is closer, but public transport times are similar. Flights into the country are still relatively low, and mainly go to Sarajevo.

The draw of this isolated mountain and desert park is that it is nearly unknown – even many who have lived in California all their lives are unfamiliar with the park! Bring your camera, as the gorgeous landscapes will surprise you. Two to three days is enough to get a glimpse of Boise’s main spots, while five days will allow you to dive deeper into what Boise has to offer. Our favorite pastime in the city is to tube down the Boise River and to spot all the animals that call the river home, including bald eagles, mink, osprey, and red tail hawks.

In the middle of the island, you’ll find the space like landscape where the crater of this active volcano bubbles away, and you can take your adventurous ass right down into it, sulphur fumes and all. Some what of a last minute addition to the list, and my first ‘Europe hidden gem’ trip of 2020 was Bansko where I attempted to learn to Ski. What I learnt is even if Skiing isn’t going to become your newest passion, it’s an ideal destination to spend a week in as there is much more there than the slopes. Well, this really is very open-ended thanks to the very liberal one-year visa policy. Give yourself a two week trip to enjoy some hikes, a few days in the city, and perhaps a dash over to Batumi, the nations slightly bizarre Black Sea coastal city. Monasteries sit above the clouds, friendly dogs will volunteer to be your trekking ‘guides’, and hospitable homestays will start as a place to crash and quickly become a home with new friends.

Slow-travel and sustainability aren’t buzz words in Slovenia; they are a way of life, and nowhere is this truer than in Vipava Valley. A gorgeous set of greenery, hills and vineyards, you could easily mistake this for Tuscany at first glance. You’ll most likely want a car to make the most out of a week trip, although you could visit a few key cities by bus over a long-weekend.

You can quickly get to the out of town station of Cuenca AVE in under an hour by high-speed rail from Madrid. A slower train service goes directly to the new part of the city. This seriously underrated hidden gem in Spain was my final trip of 2018, and what a place it was to discover.

Once you see the bright cleanliness of the lakes and the families relaxing on the beachside shores though, you’ll quickly see why this region deserves these accolades. Valsugana offers up epic hikes, lakes perfect for watersports, and all against snow-capped mountains and an alpine tree decorated backdrop. While Lake Garda might be the most famous lake around here, those in Valusgana, such as Lake Levico, still have those Europe hidden gem vibes about that.