Types Of Mountains

A further 14 per cent reside adjoining or very near mountain areas. Well over half the worldwide population depends on mountains for water, food, hydro-electricity, timber, and mineral assets. Over 50 per cent of the world’s mountain areas are important for providing recent floor water for the billions of people who stay downstream. In an era of accelerating water scarcity, perhaps no category of the earth’s main biomes has larger value for geopolitical – not to point out environmental – security. The highest mountain, Vinson Massif within the Ellsworth Mountains, peaks at 4897 m.

The Andes are the second highest Mountain Range on the earth with many peaks rising over 20,000 feet. Mountains are an historical a part of our planet, forming tens of millions of years in the past. Plus, they’re home to a variety of plants, animals and even communities of people. Let’s have fun these giant landforms by taking a look at some mountainous information.

The Karakoram is a great mountain range in Northeast Pakistan and Northern India, close to the Chinese border. It extends 300 miles southeastwardly and includes lots of the world’s highest peaks, and many of the world’s longest glaciers. The Andes Mountains are located in South America, operating north to south alongside the western coast of the continent. The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain vary in the world. They stretch four,500 miles (7,200 km) from north to south, alongside the west coast of the continent.

Great Places To Ride Mountain Bikes.

  • The summit of Chimborazo is 20,564 ft above sea level.
  • Earth just isn’t an ideal sphere, however is a bit thicker on the Equator as a result of centrifugal pressure created by the planet’s constant rotation.
  • Because of this, the best level above Earth’s middle is the height of Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo, positioned only one degree south of the Equator where Earth’s bulge is best.

Almost all the land is privately held by ranchers and farmers, however an essential exception is a 200-acre parcel encompassing most of North Butte, donated by deed from the McClatchy Company to the Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust. The terms of the Deed of Conveyance embrace the stipulation that the donated land be used for supervised public educational entry, not for private use.

There Are Mountains In Space Too


A Mountain Range is a sequential chain or collection of mountains or hills with similarity in form, structure and alignment that have arisen from the same cause, normally an orogeny. Here, we’re giving the list of Major Mountain Ranges of the World and their highest peak, which is very useful for the competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways and so forth.