Tourists: 6 Ways to Choose Cheap Lodging in Ubud Bali

Tourists- Ubud is known as a tourist spot that is quite “expensive and classy” when compared to other tourist areas in Bali. The prices offered for tourists visiting Ubud are much more expensive than other locations, such as Kuta and its surroundings. Likewise with the price of accommodation.

If you are a backpacker with a limited budget and are looking for super cheap lodging, you can try the following tips.

Choose a location to stay around the Ubud market

In the middle of Ubud City, precisely around the traditional market, there are pockets of residential areas. Many of them open homestay-style accommodations on a low budget. The average price is Rp. 150-180 thousand.

Don’t imagine, with that kind of lodging price, you will get a makeshift model of a place to stay. Far from that, the available facilities are actually complete. Such as air conditioning, breakfast, hot water, and a soft bed! One example is Mrs. Jero’s Purnama homestay which is located on Jalan Karna, Pejeng Kelod, Ubud. The travel time from Ubud Market is only five minutes on foot.

Enter the residential area

Usually, many people in Ubud open private inns. Their house was opened for lodging. This inn is also located in the middle of the village. If you have arrived in Ubud, don’t hesitate to visit people’s homes. You can ask which houses are open to tourists.

The prices that are set are generally cheaper than the hotels scattered around Ubud. Some even start at IDR 100,000 per person per night.

If you are alone, choose a hostel

Hostels or inns with dorm concepts are mushrooming in Ubud. The hostel is suitable for solo travelers. Unfortunately, in Ubud, Indonesians rarely stay in hostels. They prefer to rent rooms in hotels or inns that are private. It’s no wonder that there are many foreigners in hostels.

Even though staying at a hostel is more exciting, you know. Besides being much cheaper, we can also make new friends.

Hostel prices in Ubud are really cheap. Some even charge Rp. 30 thousand per night. The location is near Ubud Market. Once in a while, try staying here!

Stay in remote Ubud

In addition to blusukan in settlements, try looking for lodging in the interior of Ubud. Near Campuhan Hill, about a 20-minute drive from Ubud Market, there are many villas with views overlooking the rice fields.

Unexpectedly, these villas have very cheap rental prices. In fact, some are priced from Rp. 300 thousand. Apart from making a budget vacation, villas in the rice fields of Ubud can also be used as cheap honeymoon destinations.

Don’t be tempted by cheap prices on OTA

Hotel rental prices in Ubud that are displayed on OTA or online travel agents are generally discounted. It looks cheap. In fact, there are many choices, starting from Rp. 50 thousand to millions. However, don’t be tempted by cheap prices on OTA just yet. Try to check directly to the location.

Usually, the price when you order directly on the spot is much cheaper than the price when you order on OTA. So, don’t rush. There are many hotels in Ubud, really. So don’t be afraid to run out even if you don’t order ahead of time. Unless there are special events such as the Ubud Writer and Reader Festival, yes!

Reconsider coming to Ubud when the countries in Europe are in winter

Ubud is famous as a place most favored by European tourists. Usually, European tourists flock to Ubud when the country experiences the snow season. They tend to vacation outside, especially in tropical countries, such as Indonesia.

Winter in Europe usually occurs from December to March. At that time, Ubud was visited by many Europeans.

In this season, hotel prices tend to rise. The solution is you should come when the snow season in Europe is over and tourists return to their country. So, the price of lodging is not too high.

How about you, are you ready to go to Ubud with a minimal budget? Come on!