Tips for Getting Hotel Staycation Promos

Tips for Getting Hotel Staycation Promos
Tips for Getting Hotel Staycation Promos

Staycation is simple and doesn’t need to be complicated. This sentence is often said just before making a trip. However, the important thing to realize is that you can earn even more if you do a staycation in the right way. Therefore, it takes tips to get a staycation hotel promo so that the vacation becomes more economical.

What are the steps to get tips for getting a staycation hotel promo?

New Hotels Save More

Even though it was devastated by the pandemic, the fact is that new hotels are still popping up, competing with hotels that have been around for a long time. Well, this is where it is important to get information about new hotels that can be a reference for your staycation.

Especially for new hotels, usually, they will introduce their services by giving promos. Who knows, the promo will suit you and then make it a fun staycation place.

Compare Cheapest Hotel Prices

Even though big names like Traveloka or cheap hotel services like OYO are present in Indonesia, hotel aggregation websites in Indonesia still have a hand in providing recommendations for choosing cheap hotels. Some of these hotel aggregation services can be used as a destination to get cheap hotels.

In fact, some of these hotel aggregation services can offer discounts of up to 75%. To know more about home construction you can visit this site ecoceco

Use discount vouchers

How to order cheap hotels can also be done by downloading the Ultra Voucher application. Through the application, you can buy discount vouchers that can be used to book hotel rooms.

For example, if you buy a Traveloka voucher, you can not only get hotel services, but also various other services at Traveloka, such as booking transportation, entertainment and other holiday needs that you can customize.

Late Check-In

The theory of “late check-in” will be able to get a cheap room may be true as it is. However, you have to choose the right hotel too. Because of course not all hotels offer this program. Therefore, you have to be smart too to choose the right hotel.

Choose “late check-in” in the evening hours. Usually, some hotels will provide cheap room rates or even upgrade rooms at lower prices

Don’t staycation on weekends

Finally, holidays are always synonymous with weekends. However, if the context is Staycation, you can actually do it at any time. Want to know tips for getting a staycation hotel promo? Don’t go on weekends.

You can use weekdays, such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to get cheap. Moreover, the average hotel will usually increase the price for renting their hotel rooms on weekends. So, in order not to incur excessive costs, you can do a staycation on other days.

Moreover, the average hotel is usually fairly quiet on weekdays. That is, you can also comfortably use some of the facilities offered by the hotel.