The Country with the Longest Coastline

The Country with the Longest Coastline
The Country with the Longest Coastline

Beach- Not all countries have long coastlines, lo. There are even countries that do not have a coastline because every state border is land.

But of all countries, there are five countries that have a fairly long coastline. The length of the coastline in each region is different due to the influence of natural and geographical factors.

Here are five countries that have the longest coastlines in the world.

Canada, North America

Quoting from the Super Complete Atlas of Indonesia and the World (2019) by the Geospatial Team, Canada is the country with the longest coastline in the world. Its total length reaches 202,080 kilometers or the equivalent of 125,567 miles.

The coastline in Canada stretches from the western part of the Pacific Ocean, the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and the northern part of the Arctic Ocean.

Most of Canada’s provinces and territories have coastlines of different types and characteristics.


In second place is Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country so it has a fairly long coastline. The total coastline in Indonesia reaches 95,181 kilometers. To know more about computers you can visit this site silverlight-tour

Each beach in Indonesia has different types and characteristics of the coastline because it is influenced by natural factors and human intervention.

Like the coastline on the island of Borneo which is partly made up of thriving mangrove forests. In addition, along the north coast of Java and southwest of Sulawesi, you can find shrimp pond cultivation run by the local community.


This country has the third longest line in the world. The total length of the coastline is 58,133 kilometers.
The shape of the coastline in Norway tends to be irregular and curvy.

This is because there are many islands along the coastline of Norway. Most of Norway’s coastline is inhabited by residents and is a place to earn a living.

The coastline in Norway is also a frequently visited destination. The place has a beach with a beautiful and majestic view.


The next country is Russia which is also the largest country in the world. Russia has a total coastline of 37,653 kilometers.

The coastline in Russia is divided into several parts that are bordered by oceans and wide seas.

The eastern part of the coastline is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, while the western part is bordered by the western Atlantic Ocean.

Then in the north, it is bordered by the Arctic Ocean and the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, and the southwest part of the Sea of ​​​​Azov.


The fifth position is the Philippines, which is also an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. The Philippines has a coastline of 36,289 kilometers in total.

The coastline is spread over 7,641 islands it has from large to small islands. Because as an archipelagic country, the coastline of the Philippines is irregular.

The majority of the coastline is formed on small islands and bays. The long coastlines in each of these countries provide great potential for the tourism sector.

Countries with many coastlines can use it as a tourist destination. Like Norway, which manages beautiful beaches in its place to become tourist attractions.

So, those were the five countries with the longest coastlines in the world.