AMBA & BGA encourages its members to maximise opportunities to bring about positive change in the societies they serve, and this means making an impact beyond the walls of their institutions by working to address both local and global challenges. Please ensure that all parts of the application are completed including details of qualifications which meet the minimum entry requirements. On submitting your application please ensure that you have the following documents to hand.

The Pre-Masters programme provides progression to a number of degree options. Taught both on campus and in schools, this module will enable you to become an effective teacher through learning pedagogical theory, observing experienced teachers and applying your knowledge and understanding in the practical context. The normal study load expectation for an undergraduate full-time course of study in the standard academic year is 120 credit points. This amounts to around hours of expected teaching and learning … Read More

Structures corresponding to buildings, roads, and different infrastructure absorb and re-emit the sun’s warmth more than pure landscapes such as forests and water bodies. Urban areas, where these constructions are extremely concentrated and greenery is limited, turn into “islands” of higher temperatures relative to outlying areas. Daytime temperatures in urban areas are about 1–7°F higher than temperatures in outlying areas and nighttime temperatures are about 2-5°F greater.

As his project has progressed, he has realized it’s as much about island individuals as the islands themselves. “The farther I travel along the path, the more I work together with people who find themselves passionate about the islands and willing to help with the project,” he mentioned. He is particularly grateful to landowners who have included their islands on the trail. “I’m impressed by the communication, camaraderie and collaborative spirit that exists on this particular group. Later, he sought out a piece … Read More