Bear Mountain State Park

The Andes or Andean Mountain Range is the longest continental mountain range on the planet, stretching approximately 7,000 km (four,300 mi). It is fashioned by a steady highland along the western edge of South America. The Himalayas or Himalaya is form of a mountain vary in Asia, separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.

The Spaniard Gabriel Moraga was the first European to see the Sutter Buttes in 1806. In 1817, the Californio Luis Antonio Argüello named it “los tres picos” (the three peaks, name that appears on the Mexican land grant made to Captain John Sutter). In 1843, John C. Frémont known as them “The Three Buttes.” James Dwight Dana explored the buttes on 16 Oct. 1841, whereas a part of the United States Exploring Expedition. In June 1846, John C. Frémont, on a bloodbath spree since April, stopped on the … Read More