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So, to find a career that excited me, I started going to campus events and talking to professionals from a range of sectors. Before, I was worried that my background would hold me back, but now I know that a diverse perspective benefits our clients. I bring international experience, cross-cultural knowledge and a different thought-process that helps our team to deliver even better results. And if you’d have said that to the person nervously walking through those office doors for the first time, she wouldn’t have believed you. The supportive and collaborative culture of the firm has been clear to me since my time on the Scheme. During the scheme, I wanted to find out more about a legal career at the firm, so I reached out to the Partner who had interviewed me.

It’s such a relief knowing that if I have to leave at five o’clock to pick up my children, this won’t present any issues. Overall, I’m incredibly proud to work for a firm that values diverse thinking and actively promotes a culture of belonging and openness. These experiences have made me more aware of global issues and have provided me with further opportunities to collaborate across the business and with clients, which ultimately makes me a better lawyer.

Almost all the work I do has a cross-border element and A&O’s approach to delivering for our clients is built on a spirit of global co-operation. Many of the relationships I’ve made here have lasted longer than each project or deal. It also takes well over half the book before Henry even tackles the events of two summers ago which neither live up the billing or I doubt will surprise many readers.

Visitors from certain states will need a visa to enter the country. It is not permitted to bring drugs, weapons or pornographic material of any kind. Indonesia offers a truly incredible diversity of attractions and activities for the traveller.

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When travelling, especially to southern countries and the tropics, they will soon be proven otherwise. There is a certain phenomenon taking place here, inwhich the time assumes a different speed. So please do not take time references too seriously, the precise European rules do not apply here. It is rather replaced by spontaneous improvisation as well as a warm and friendly zest for life. Balinesepeople don’t get upset over the small things that can get Europeans angry easily. Most hotels offer international TV programmes as well as internet access, which mostly is free of charge.

I get that a lot of these types of stories rely on the miscommunication trope, but even so it is usually better done than this. Whilst I did like the back and forth of the timeline, I have to say overall I thought the book was too dragged out. Sign up for our newsletter and receive regularly information on special offers, insider tips and current travel trends. The Baliem Valley festival, unique to the Papua people, traces its roots to the beliefs of various local tribes.

Beside Asian delicacies, there areplenty of international restaurants such as Italian, Spanishand Mexican, French cuisine or much more. In case you area true fan of America, you can munch away at McDonald’s. It could actually also be seen as a sacred act as on many days during theyear the Balinese cook delicious menus for the gods. These aretaken to the temples as offerings in order to calm the gods. There are rituals and ceremonies celebrating each and everystage of a Balinese life.