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Once you have paid for your site you own it, so if at some point in the future you wish for another company to add additional content or make some changes we will supply you with all of the code we used to build your site. Generally speaking, there are 3 different types of websites – marketing, ecommerce and bespoke (although the line between them often blurs!). A bespoke website is needed if your business has complex requirements, needs to integrate other systems (e.g. CRM, ERP) or requires advanced functionality to support your customers. It might seem that adaptive design requires more work and takes more time to create.

  • Web developers use their expertise to design and implement innovative software applications to enhance the way we live both today and tomorrow.
  • Developers save time and effort by not having to code the website from scratch.
  • Your project must include you undertaking practical work of some sort using computing/IT technology.
  • Exploring common issues within computing, you will also see how all of the separate areas merge, overlap and depend on each other in order for a robust computing system to be developed.
  • Pay attention to the hard disk speed of any HDD you’re considering as the best computer for web development.

You will develop your knowledge of design by gaining understanding of the principles and concepts upon which design depends. In addition, you will learn to apply an industry-standard approach for design and employ appropriate modelling tools. You will also develop an understanding of the issues involved with the implementation of such models, including the selection and implementation of data structures. The course is extremely practical with classes based in well-equipped computer laboratories with up-to-date hardware and industry standard software. You will work in small groups to develop your team-working and other personal transferable skills including communication, presentation, report writing, and application of research methods.

Report of Digital Transformation Stage: Goals & Metrics

If your web design requires the use of a database we write all the code to access this and display the results. We will also write the code for any special functionality you have requested. SCP Computers have expereince in wrting custom checkouts using PayPal and Sage Pay.

The main languages ​​for dynamic website programming are Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Python,… PHP and ASP.NET are used the most frequently ​​today. They use HTML, Javascript, and CSS code to create an interface for the website. After building the interface in HTML, you will get a website as usual, but it is not functional.

Responsive website development and design specialization

CMS already has plugins-based infrastructure, so website enhancement is as simple as clicking a button. It comes with pre-designed layouts that you may customise to match your brand. WordPress is the most widely used content management system , making website administration a breeze. People and company owners are far more linked now than they were two decades ago. Enterprises are moving away from nation-states and toward a more globalised world. The significance of having a website in the promotion of your products and services has risen dramatically.