International Students Vacation Dates

You will then be prompted to complete an immersive video based Situational Judgement Test which includes verbal and numerical reasoning items. The SJT is designed to provide a realistic preview of what you may experience as a trainee at A&O. Our clients rely on us for more than just outstanding legal advice – they trust us to guide them through uncertain times, deliver business growth and advise them on the future. If you have the ability, ambition and the determination to make that happen, then you’ll thrive as a Vacation Scheme candidate. I wasn’t one of those people who always knew what they wanted to do. But when I started my Law degree and began to develop my legal skillset it became clear that a career in the legal profession was the right choice for me.

Hunters is running a vacation scheme in July 2022, providing successful applicants with an opportunity to experience life at a top London law firm. The scheme will run across two separate weeks commencing 11 July and 18 July, taking on four participants each week. None of my family were lawyers and I was the first person in my family to go to university, it had never occurred to me as a possibility. When I considered it as a career path, I was worried that my background and lack of legal knowledge might hold me back.

This gave me the chance to get involved with different projects, meet people across a variety of areas and even spend time working alongside a Partner. In the restructuring team, we work with companies in financial distress and their key stakeholders – creditors, shareholders, insolvency office-holders and many more. In a distressed scenario, the alternative to a successful restructuring is often an insolvent liquidation or administration, so the stakes are high for all involved.

On the markets on the streetand in shopping malls youwill find plenty of clothes, leather products, handicraft, jewellery and antiques(Careful! Not everythingis genuine!). Ifyou are able to speak someIndonesian you are at luck,but with English you will befine as well. Beach vendorsin the south of Bali will mostlikely start out with a price that is five to ten times higher than the actual price. In Kutaand Ubud vendors will usually ask for five times the pricewhen you’re purchasing handicraft. Before buying somethingyou should decide on a price that you are willing to pay for theproduct, then tell the vendor half this price for bargaining. When you are looking for a pharmacy or chemist in Indonesia, look out for the words apotik, pharmacy or drugstore.

Please note that Traum-Ferienwohnungen is a mediation platform to connect hosts and vacationers. One of the most important Hindu festivals in Bali, second in significance only to the Nyepi or Saka New Year. The Balinese celebrate Galungan Day, which commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, or good against evil.

Your experience at an assessment day will vary slightly depending on which position you apply for. Our vacation scheme is the best way to familiarise yourself with WFW. The two-week placements are at our London office, either at Easter or during the summer.

On average, 90% of participants who complete the CMS Academy are offered a training contract. For further details of the application process or to submit your application, please visit our summer application process page. Please make an application between 1 October 2021 – 31 January 2022 to either of the schemes.