Definition of Traveling

Traveling in Indonesian is a traveling activity; moving from one place to another for various reasons, such as business, vacation, and so on. Most of the traveling activities are considered as a hobby rather than a job. In its development, traveling has a new designation such as backpacking. In my personal view, traveling is a way to open our horizons and broaden our knowledge in visiting new places or familiar places by trying to interact with objects around us.
Many consider traveling to be something that drains a lot of our pockets, of course, this assumption could be true, but if we know how to think like that it can change. In traveling, there are many ways to make this activity more enjoyable, that’s why there are many traveling communities emerging as we can see now along with the ease of communication and accommodation technology.

5 Films That Describe Traveling

1. Passport to Europe
If you are planning to travel to Europe, this film is worthy of being on the watch list. This film depicts Samantha Brown’s journey in exploring mainland Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. On the way, Brown tried to peel the culture of the people to the history of the city. A trip to the Berlin wall, for example, or visit a castle in the Alps. Not only that, but he also tries to absorb the local people’s lifestyle. His ability to package films in every place he visited made this film won the 2007 Daytime Emmy Award.

2. Running the Sahara
Tired of the usual travel documentaries? Try watching this movie. The film tells the story of the journey of Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin, and Ray Zahab. The three of them were the first to walk and run to conquer the Sahara desert. Narrated by Matt Damon, you will be taken to see both sides of the Sahara’s face. Beautiful, and scary at the same time.

3. Baraka
This 96-minute Ron Fricke-directed film presents the beauty of 25 countries from six continents. He discussed various things about life, religion, and also natural beauty. One more thing, this film also explores Indonesian culture. So, let’s watch the film that won the Montreal World Film Festival.

4. Blindsight
Unmitigated, this traveling documentary won four awards at the same time. Blindsight, which is located in Tibet, is a little different from most other travel-themed documentaries. He told about the journey of six young blind men along Lhakpa-Ri, the route to the highest peak of Mount Everest. This already strong film theme has become more mature thanks to the hands of Lucy Walker, a director who has been nominated for two Oscars.

5. The Endless Summer
Surfing lovers must watch this film. The audience will be taken to the locations of the most exciting surfing locations on earth, from Southern California, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, as well as Hawaii. This film was first released in 1966. Later, in 2000 the film was remade as The Endless Summer Revised. The film has the same plot but sets a different location.

So, here are some of the benefits you get from traveling.

  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Keeping Your Body Fit
  3. Adding Friends
  4. Balancing Emotions
  5. Become More Flexible
  6. Improve Social Skills
  7. Have a better relationship
  8. Adding Insights
  9. Get a lot of inspiration