Cruise Ship: 5 Interesting Facts About Cruises

CRUISE SHIP- When you hear the word cruise ship, what do you think of it? Maybe big transportation with a variety of facilities in it. This is indeed true because cruise ships are specifically designed for recreational purposes within a certain period of time.

Cruise ships are likened to an extraordinary adventure in exploring the oceans from one province to another or from one country to another. Of course, this makes traveling by cruise ship not an easy thing, because it takes a long time. However, it turns out that cruise ships have the following interesting facts that you can pay close attention to.

The cruise ship is always under surveillance

Traveling through the ocean does sound fun, it can even provide an extraordinary sensation. However, it is not correct to think of the sea as a route that is always safe without disturbance.

In America, every cruise ship or even any other ship that sails must be under surveillance, be it from its location, through CCTV cameras, or to a highly-trained cabin crew. The purpose of this is to maintain the safety of ships from the risk of piracy on the high seas.

The cabin crew on the cruise ship has their own language

The crew is multi-tasking working on this large mode of transportation.

Members of the Royal Navy’s ship crew use a secret language to communicate with each other, so as not to disturb passengers on board. The official language is English, but all crew members use their own special code for communicating in the ship’s lingua franca, or onboard language.

The food served is not fresh

During a trip using a cruise ship, perhaps the services provided make it very impressive for many passengers. This includes the food service served. In fact, it turns out that the food served on cruise ships is not always fresh.

The box contains a container made of plastic and metal so that it remains in contact with the ocean floor at all times.

The price is quite deep in your pocket

The experience of sailing on a cruise ship cannot compare with other means of transportation. Not to mention with all the facilities in it that seem to make passengers forget that they are currently on the ocean.

Compared to what you will get, the price of the cruise is definitely not cheap either. As reported by Cruise Hive, the average cruise using a cruise ship costs around US$ 214 per person for one day. Each ship will also usually attach the facilities listed in each existing fee. However, each ship usually has a different price, depending on the facilities, routes, to various other important aspects.

Shift work from a very long crew, to the point of not being willing to go home for months

Imagining sailing as a passenger on a cruise ship may already give you an extraordinary picture. However, have you ever thought about becoming one of the crews on a cruise ship? It seems this work is no less challenging, but also no less tiring.

Some companies are willing to give married couples the opportunity to apply at the same time so they can live together in the ship’s home port.

It turns out that there are indeed many interesting facts hidden from cruise ships. Behind the majestic ship actually keeps new things known.