Commercial Air Travel is Costing You – Here’s Why Private Charters Are Cheaper than they Seem

There was a time that private air charters were exclusively for famous actors, politicians, and touring musicians, but that is no longer the case. More and more businesses and large groups of people traveling for leisure or to seminars are realizing that private charters are more economical than traveling commercially. 

The Benefits of Private Charter

If you spend a good part of your life traveling, you’ll probably be horrified if you work out exactly how much time you spend in airports. Between customs queues, luggage carousels, check-in, and flight delays, you may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time just doing all the things that commercial air travel expects of you. 

That, of course, doesn’t even take into account the rearrangements, delays, and missed meetings when you can’t get a flight at the right time or there aren’t enough seats for all the people you need to take. These are things that we don’t consider when we think about commercial air travel as the “affordable” option. 

Commercial Air Travel in Tourism Hotspots

Commercial air travel in areas that tend to be tourism hotspots can be even more tenuous. There may be certain times of the year when the city you live in is overwhelmed with visitors and commercial air travel becomes a nightmare. For business people, this means lost money and time. A private charter jet might mean the difference between you clinching a deal and losing it. So really, the question might be, can you afford not to travel privately? 

When using private charter services, you will often be able to conduct business in-flight, which is an even greater benefit. No more restrictive and seemingly nonsensical rules about digital devices and when you can and can’t leave your seat. It’s like having a boardroom in the air. 

Service When You Need It

When using a private charter jet Colorado-based, you even get access to your private terminal at 24-hours notice. That’s right, no more queuing, running through airports to find your gate, and generally stressing out. Less stress means more time to relax and prepare for your leisure event or meeting. 

If you’ve ever planned an out-of-town social event with a large group of people, you know the nightmare of trying to coordinate everyone’s travel plans. Is it worth going through that? Imagine if the party could start before you even get to your destination. 

If you aren’t yet convinced that private charters can be an option for you, check out some of the many available options in your area, you definitely will not be sorry.