6 Best Vacation Destinations For Large Groups

Bachelor parties, family reunions, and college girls getaways are all great fun, but finding a destination that has enough to keep everyone happy (and isn’t too far away) as well as hotels that cater to groups can be difficult. But fear not: a right guide from family adventure travel companies online reviews will keep your group on the right path. We’ve compiled a list of the best holiday destinations for large groups so you can relax and enjoy catching up with friends and members of your family.

1.  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is the place to go for a stress-free holiday filled with water, sand, and margaritas. It’s a convenient destination for Americans, as many airports have direct flights to Los Cabos. Many areas have stand-alone villas that can host large parties, and groups can choose their resort-type — luxurious, family-friendly, or party — to suit their style. Furthermore, all-inclusive hotels make budgeting and dining a breeze because there are no battles about where to eat or how much each meal and drink will cost. Us-reviews.com has some proper steps and tips for you.  

2.  Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah, is a year-round holiday spot for skiers and hikers. It’s about a 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City and has three distinct ski areas: Park City Mountain caters to the party crowd, Deer Valley caters to the affluent, and The Canyons caters to the whole family. On the other hand, all provide excellent opportunities for snow-related sports, comfortable après-ski lounging, and fine dining. At the same time, it’s known for its fresh, powdery snow, which makes for great skiing and snowboarding.

3.  Portugal’s Algarve

The Algarve, on Portugal’s southern coast, is a popular holiday destination for British families and couples. It draws visitors with its sunny weather, dramatic coastline, historic towns with photogenic architecture, and low prices as compared to other destinations. It is incredibly convenient because it is just a three-hour flight from most of Europe. Once there, well-maintained roads and tourism professionals who speak several languages are advantages. Some areas are undeniably touristy, but Albufeira’s nightlife, Portimo’s great golf resorts, and Lagos’ historic town are great draws for family reunions, golf getaways, and party groups.

4.  Phuket Thailand

Phuket offers jaw-dropping beaches, a hopping bar-filled Patong, and rainforest with scenic waterfalls for something a little more exotic but still tourist-friendly. While some parts of Phuket might be a little too touristy for some, it is Thailand’s largest island, so groups can find the atmosphere and setting that suits them best. It’s also convenient to get to from Bangkok, and it’s dotted with Buddhist temples, museums, and authentic eateries for a taste of Thai culture. Fortunately, luxury properties with multi-bedroom villas are incredibly affordable adds to its allure so that groups will get a lot of fun for themselves.

5.  Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place to visit with a large group, whether it’s a family, bachelorette party, or college friends, as long as everyone enjoys the outdoors. The Manuel Antonio area appeals to us because it is home to the lush national park of the same name, abundant wildlife such as howler monkeys, stunning beaches perfect for snorkeling, and is easily accessible by car. Tulemar Resort, for example, has lovely kitchen-equipped villas with spacious living rooms and outdoor terraces that make group dinners a breeze. 

6.  Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Despite its reputation for the Red Light District and the legalization of marijuana, Amsterdam is a good choice for groups other than bachelor and bachelorette parties. The polite, English-speaking locals will help you navigate the city’s more complex areas, and the relaxed atmosphere is ideal for getting into vacation mode. Party-goers can take advantage of the options mentioned above, while museum-goers can visit the well-known Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum, and shoppers can visit one of the city’s numerous markets. A canal boat tour is a must-do, and several companies can accommodate small private charters to the city.