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Although, you typically see cows eating trash which is completely different kind of abuse. Whether you’re taking a look at photos on your digital camera, lining as much as catch a bus or just standing on the street there’s a high chance someone (or group of people) will approach you or come a bit too shut for comfort. With over a billion people in a comparatively small area this isn’t surprising and it isn’t culturally impolite. Almost all highway rules including purple lights will be ignored.

In India it’s an honor to have a visitor, doubly so if it’s a foreigner. This is as a result of they’ve a wonderful proverb that claims “Atithidevo Bhava (अतिथिदेवो भव)” which means “the visitor is equal to God”. For this cause there’s a good chance you’ll be invited to somebody’s house. In this case it’s good to send a present to India to your host if you get house.

143) Exquisite color creates eye candy all over the place. Whether it’s the clothing, the meals or the homes, all over the place you look, you may be overwhelmed by lovely arrays of colour.

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India is sort of presumably the oldest civilization on the planet. Many of the famous monuments are historical but so lovely. 172) DO try to pay if at restaurants with Indians. It may be due to communication difficulties, however it appears that evidently typically Indians don’t have an issue with lying. Whether it’s a taxi driver or a shop owner – there’s an excellent chance they’ll bend the reality or lie if it helps them make a sale.


  • The Indian Railways employs about 1.5 million folks making it one of the largest employers on the planet.
  • Even though these folks didn’t have a lot cash, they welcomed me into their properties and spoiled me with essentially the most scrumptious meals ever.
  • One of the best ways to get around India (other than flying) is on their trains.
  • I even have met some of the most kind hearted and generous folks I’ve ever known during my travels to India.

I counsel you try to get knowledgeable beforehand and ask the right questions, ones that can’t be merely answered by “yes”. You will discover it can be overwhelming at instances but the principle factor is to disregard it. Sometimes I faux I’m a star and then it’s more of a novelty than a problem. Since lots of of hundreds of thousands of Indians live on lower than $2/day the struggle for survival is a real problem.

Furthermore, you could discover it onerous to locate your seat belt making it quite unsafe. one hundred forty four) The resourcefulness and ingenuity is thoughts blowing. While driving the streets you will discover probably the most eye opening resourcefulness. From folks carrying a bed body or sheet of glass on the back of a motorcycle to a truck so over laden with goods that the driver can barely see out the entrance window. This no doubt stems from the poverty and need to survive.

The streets are bustling with individuals, livestock and every kind of automobile you can consider all tooting their horns. This could be fairly a contrast from the quiet streets of the West.

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The major factor is to have your wits about yourself and be compassionate but I recommendation you don’t ever give cash to beggars. Be it a canine, cat, chicken (meant for consumption), an ox (drawing a cart), animal abuse in India could be shocking and seems to be in all places. It is a conundrum as to why this happens especially since India is the birthplace of the concept of Ahimsa or “non-violence”. The one animal that is largely exempt from this abuse is the cow as a result of it holds particular significance in the Hindu faith.