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Our Monthly Educational Forums are held at the Phinney Neighborhood Center in north-central Seattle:

PNA: 6532 Phinney Avenue North

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October Educational Forum:
Field to the Fuel Tank

Whole Energy Fuels Corporation has partnered with Snohomish County in local biodiesel fuel production. In their presentation: “Field to the Fuel Tank”, Atul and Jeremy will share with us the details of the Snohomish County crushing and degumming system, how grain crops are grown and produced regionally for use in production, and issues around sustainability of local biofuel production that this project has encountered.

About our speakers:

Atul Deshmane was born in India and grew up in the Midwestern United States where he went to college at University of Missouri and University of Michigan. Atul was trained as an engineer and is an expert on sustainable transportation. He worked as part of a larger team to build vehicles powered by electricity, natural gas, and hydrogen while with Ford Motor Company. Atul also held management positions at two early stage companies (Azure Dynamics and Clean Energy Fuels). His efforts are now focused on renewable fuels production and distribution as president of Whole Energy Fuels Corporation. Whole Energy has a presence in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Atul is also an active and current board member of the NW Biodiesel Network.

Jeremy Burger began working for Whole Energy in 2011 as an intern and has since been hired to support Whole Energy’s various projects. Recently he has led the re-design and re-launch of the Snohomish County crushing and degumming system and has prepared this presentation explaining the process of biodiesel production from the “field to the fuel tank”.

Please respect our presenter's donated time by showing up on time for this presentation, and turning off your cell phone ringers - thank you!

These events are put on by an all-volunteer staff;  your financial support for our direct expenses is greatly appreciated.

Previous meeting announcements can be found here.

The Northwest Biodiesel Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the benefits, uses, issues, and viability of biodiesel fuels. In line with our mission, we provide a monthly education forum, public engagement events, networking events, and other initiatives that support the Biodiesel industry, including producers, distributors, co-ops, home-brewers, researchers, marketers, and others.

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