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NEWS: 5/26/2011

NW Biodiesel participates in SAFN Initiative

NW Biodiesel Network & The Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest (SAFN):

The SAFN Report focussed on feedstocks from WA, OR, ID & MT
What is SAFN?  It's a working group that came together in mid 2010 for the purpose of putting together a comprehensive plan for fostering and supporting a Sustainable Aviation Biofuels program here in the Pacific Northwest.  The Northwest Biodiesel Network (NWBN) was asked to join as a stakeholder, to represent ourselves and our constituency to the rest of the committee, and contribute to the shape and substance of the plan.

Specifically, the SAFN initiative:
  • Analyzed the most promising, local biomass sources for commercialization;
  • Assessed all phases required to develop a sustainable biofuel industry, including biomass production and harvest, refining, transport infrastructure and use; and
  • Prioritized state and federal policy recommendations needed to spur creation of sustainable fuels for aviation.
Pulling together this plan and resulting report that was published this week by SAFN, is the result of literally dozens of meetings over the past 10 months, and countless hours both in and outside of these meetings to contribute, review, and hone the resulting contents.  This was a model working group with members from the Biofuels Industry, state and federal government agencies, Aerospace manufacturers, Academia, and ourselves as well as other non-profits (full list here).  The stakeholder process  and report preparation was by Climate Solutions, and was presented in a ceremony at Seattle-Tacoma Airport (a stakeholder) on May 25th 2011, with officials from Boeing, Alaska Air, Port of Seattle and WSU. 

"It is critical to the future of aviation that we develop a sustainable supply of aviation biofuels," said Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing's commercial airplanes division. "Airlines are particularly vulnerable to oil price volatility, and the aviation community must address this issue to maintain economic growth and further mitigate the environmental impacts of our industry."

Participating for the Network were Ray Brown and Erica Chung, both longstanding volunteers to the network.  Ray is by day a Boeing Engineer, and is currently serving on the NWBN Board of Directors as Vice-Chairman.  He has been actively involved in the use and promotion of biodiesel (through the NWBN) since 2004.  Erica Chung serves as an Organizational Development Officer for the NWBN, and as such is responsible for much of the programming that the Network has put together over the past couple of years.  She has been employed in the Biodiesel industry, and is currently a consultant to business for green intiatives.

We at the NWBN are extremely proud of the opportunity to participate, as well as the resulting report.  We feel that this report will spur local and regional players to put together the pieces to establish the Pacific Northwest as a true leader in worldwide Aviation Biofuels.  Not only will this result in an economic boon to the area, but it has an overriding environmental and security benefit, as well.

For more information on SAFN, please click here.

The Northwest Biodiesel Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the benefits, uses, issues, and viability of biodiesel fuels. We represent no one Biodiesel supplier or group; In line with our mission, we provide monthly education forums, public engagement events, networking events, and other initiatives that support the broader Biodiesel community, including the consumer, producers, distributors, co-ops, home-brewers, researchers, marketers, and others.

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